Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Enjoy New York On Budget

While New York is a notoriously expensive place for tourists and those who wish to reside there, the price tag should not discourage you from sampling the good life. You can enjoy, and have a first-hand experience of life by Visiting New York on a Budget. With free sight-seeing, world-class museums, ferry trips and affordable accommodation, you will get more than you had bargained for without compromising your wallet.

One of the most important things to do before setting on your journey to New York is to get a tourist pass. With a card in hand, you get to tour several places at a discounted rate, or better yet, completely free. Additionally, you are advised to look out for transport deals that are affordable. You can find websites with flight deals or take advantage of the extensive, but affordable mass transport systems.

Check out the selected places below where you can visit in New York:

The Waters

Several ferries are available for you to cruise around while having the best sight-seeing opportunity ever. In fact, the Staten Island ferry offers free rides while giving you a dazzling view of the Ellis Island, Southern Manhattan, the statue of liberty and back again at no charge.

Central Park

Central Park is one of New Yorks’ popular attractions. The moment you get there, you just feel as if you have been removed from the roaring city. You experience tranquility and serenity. Covering a vast area of 840 acres, the Central Park lets you enjoy a sports field, a zoo, a reservoir and a boating lake among many other features and attractions.

The Roof

New York City has many landmark buildings with beautiful architecture. Unfortunately, for you to enjoy the sights, you have to part with a few dollars depending on the place that you chose to view from. Most rooftop views charge $30 to $32. However, you could just opt to visit a hotel with a rooftop and order drinks while enjoying the sight from there. That’s a clever option for you.

Budget Accommodation

The charges for accommodation in New York City can be really expensive. Often times, it depends on the place that you choose to spend the night. And while this is the case, there are some bargains that you can enjoy. Some properties will charge you $100 a night while there is also the option of spending the night in someone’s house rather than having an entire apartment to yourself at a cost of $60.

There are many hacks and tricks that can help you enjoy New York on a budget and still go home with a good story to tell. Most of the time, it depends on your tact and how far you are willing to go.

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